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CNC Router Machine
The best quality CNC Router Machines are used in assorted automation industries for the purpose of cutting, bending and shearing. Along with this, these machines are used to cut different types of sheets such as composites, wood, steel, plastics, aluminum and foams.

Wood Working Machine
Woodworking machines available here are appreciated for their heavy duty construction and higher precision in the application. These machines are known for their multi functionality which makes them perfect for a professional set-up.

Tool Grinding Machine
All types of tool grinding machines are assured for the best quality and are useful for making and re-sharpening of various tools. These machines have the ability to handle complex tool geometries, in conjunction with re-sharpening the tools. 

EDGE Banding Machinery
EDGE banding machinery is appreciated for its top performance, because of the in-built pre-milling unit. This is supported with separately managed milling cutters which helps in ensuring chip free glue joints. When at optimum processing speeds, they remain stable.

Wood Working Chain Mortiser Machine
Integrated with a powerful motor, all the woodworking chain mortiser machines are used for quickly cutting holes in a thick wood stock. These have a razor sharp chain, which is helpful in ensuring clean and precise cutting.

Circular Saw Grinding Machine
Having a vertical movement mechanism, circular saw grinding machines are assured for the best quality. These machines have strategically placed controls which ensures their easy access and management. These also have a self centering blade holding mechanism.

Chain Grinding Machines
The range of chain grinding machines is made with top grade materials, which ensures its durability and higher wear resistance. These have a professional design that makes it simple for hand grinding, making grinding simpler.

Diamond Grinding Wheels
The diamond grinding wheels are offered in assorted shapes such as cups, cylinders, wheels, cones and flat disks wherein the profiles are cut into its periphery. These wheels use abrasive grit size that is based on the hardness of the cutting material.

Chain Saw Machines
The array of chain saw machines is instrumental in effectively bettering your work efficiency. These have a protective cover along with an ergonomic handle that makes it simple and safe to carry.

Multi Boring Bit
For a wide range of multi boring bits, check the collection available here. These boring bits are assured for the best quality and are ideal for particle wood, solid wood, MDF and laminated ply.

Finger Joint Cutter
Different types of finger joint cutters are available here. These are used in the woodworking industry, where they are used to joining smaller pieces of wood together into lengthy wooden blocks. 

Hot Melt Adhesive
Our hot melt adhesives are well known for their robust and approximately undetectable. This helps in ensuring the top finishing of the applications, where these are used in. These adhesives are appreciated for best quality and easy usage.